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About Us


To be the leading security company providing consistent, high quality services.

Pearson Perkins Security is a Kenyan company committed to providing you with excellent security services. We offer a complete range of services and provide security to a wide spectrum of entities thus capable of meeting all your security needs.The company was incorporated in 2010. It has been in service for 10 years and has grown to its current state capable of providing high standards of security services. All our personnel have and are constantly acquiring cutting edge professional knowledge and skills required to perform their tasks. Pearson Perkins Security is the next generation of security services providers. We do whatever it takes to keep you and your business safe. In addition we add value to your company by providing superior customer service through our keen attention to detail.


Pearson Perkins Security is committed to providing exceptional security services by delivering high quality and budget-conscious solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and to provide exceptional customer experience.